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Instructions for filling application form online

1. General Procedure

  • All new users are required to Register  and Login at the site to start the online application submission process.
  • After logging in, users will be directed to the "apply page" where the process begins by  uploading images using a  wizard. This wizard takes you through a series of steps where it is required to fill up the information.
  • The  application wizard is categorized into Image upload, Applicant detail, Demand Draft Detail, Physical description, RTR Reference sections etc.
  • After submitting the application successfully, a page will appear on your screen acknowledging that your application has been successfully submitted and contain your Application ID. A "View/print Acknowledgement card"  button/link is provided to open acknowledgement card.Users should open & print this page and send a copy along with Supporting Documents.
  • The filed application can be viewed by clicking on Filed Applications link after logging to the site. Status of your application and result will be displayed.
  • You may download your Admit Card  by clicking Admit Card link after application is received at RLO and verified.
  • You may view Result by clicking Result link after declaration of result.
  • Before applying online kindly keep the following items ready/ handy
    O Scan copy of your passport size photograph,Date of Birth(DOB) certificate,Nationality cum Character certificate,FRTOL,Educational qualification certificate (wherever applicable) in .jpg format (200 x 200 DPI) with maximum size of 2 MB.
    O Details of the  Demand Draft towards payment of fees.
    O Examination Centre wise Details of the payee is given below:-
     Mumbai     "Communication Account Officer (Cash),Mumbai" and payable at Mumbai
     New Delhi "Communication Account Officer (Cash),CCA,New Delhi" and payable at New Delhi
     Chennai &    
     Hyderabad   "Communication Account Officer (Cash),Chennai" and payable at Chennai
     Kolkata        "Communication Account Officer,O/o the CCA,WB Circle" and payable at Kolkata

Kindly note:

    -Ensure that the photo is of good quality with proper exposure with blue or white background.

    -Ensure that the photo is not skewed or stretched in any manner.

    -Crop the image to show relavent portions of the the image and save the image as per the specified format.

The Applicant should sign just  below the  photograph as shown in the sample photograph on the right side.

 2. Browser Recommendations
        The application works with  Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version. 

 3. Pop-up Blockers

        Much of the online applications uses pop-up functionality. If you use pop-up
 be   sure they are disabled before you begin. 

 4. Java Script 

       The online application also uses JavaScript web page functionality. Make sure
       JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

 5. Do not use browser back or refresh button during the application submission process.
     Please  use the back button provided in the bottom of  page.  

 6. Note:
           How to Convert image into  .JPG Format?

               1. Find your image file, right-click on it and open with    Paint.
               2. From the menu, click File, Save As, and select Save as type to JPEG    
               3. Click Save

7. Feedback:
In case of any query related to on line filing kindly email at


    Application  will not be valid if the application is incomplete in terms of information or is
    not accompanied with the requisite documents.

     Click here to Apply