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How To Fill Non-Network License ?
    Step 1:  Click on "License" in menu item and click on "Online Filing Of Application" from submenu as shown in the following figure.    
    Step 2:  Enter your "User ID" and "Password" then click on "Sign In".    
    Step 3:  Click on "Fill-In Applicant Details".    
    Step 4: Fill all the mandatory fields which are shown in red color. The rest of the fields are optional. Fill all information of "Applicant Info", "Organization", "Other Details", "Misc Details", "Payers Details" and "Responsible Details".    
    Step 5:  Click on "Save".    
    Step 6:  Click on "User Home".    
    Step 7:  Click on "Fill-In License Application Online".    
    Step 8: Choose "Non Network License" from "Application Nature".    
    Step 9: The are following types of non network license are available in "License Type", choose any one according to your requirement. For selecting "License Type" follow the next step (step 10).

Aero Mobile Station Licence
Citizen Band
Dealer Possession Licence (DPL)
Import Licence for Basic Group
Import Licence for V Group
Maritime Mobile Station Licence
Non-Dealer Posession Licence (NDPL)

    Step 10: Choose "License Type", "Emitting Entity" and there no need to fill any other information.    
    Step 11:  Click on "Next" button. In case of filling wrong entry in the fields click on "Clear" button to clear the fields and fill application again from step 8 to step 10.    
    Step 12:  Read all the general instruction and then click on "Next" button or click on "Previous" button for any modification in previous page.    
    Step 13:  Click on "Other Details" button for filling other information.    
    Step 14:  The field, which are visible in red colors, are mandatory field and rest are optional.After filing these fields click on "Save" button.    
    Step 15:  Click on "Now Fill Equipment Details" button for filling equipment details.    
    Step 16:  Select "Equipment Category", "Equipment Type", "Manufactrure", and "Model" and then fill all the fields.Click on "Save" button. It is possible to enter more than one Equipment, the details of each Equipment is appears in the list below. If equipment is not available in equipment library then follow how to "Add Equipment In Equipment Library".    
    Step 17:  Click on "Next" button.    
    Step 18:  If you want to further any modification in your application then click on "Click Here For Any Further Modification" button else click on "Click Here For Printing Acknowledgement" button.    
    Step 19:  If you clicked on "Click Here For Printing Acknowledgement" (according to step 18) then click on "Print" button of popup window and take printout of your acknowledgement.    
    If you clicked on "Click Here For Any Further Modification" button (according to step 18) then click on either "apply online / equipment details" to make the necessary modifications.    
    Step 20:  Click on "User Home" link to return to User Home page.    
    Step 21:  Click on your "License App.ID" which is visible in blue color.    
    Step 22:  Click on "Get A Printer Friendly View" button.    
    Step 23:  Click on "Print" button after taking printout. Click on "Back" button and then click on "User Home".    
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